What People Are Saying

Elected Officials and Community Leaders

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf

“There’s a question about whether I support the A’s efforts to hold Schnitzer Steel accountable for polluting West Oakland’s water and air. Absolutely.” (Excerpt from Oakland Virtual Town Hall On Environmental Justice)

Margaret Gordon, Co-Founder West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project

“It’s overdue. Schnitzer Steel has been an object of controversy for many, many years.” (San Francisco Chronicle)

“We definitely see the smokestacks from the fires. It cannot continuously have these fires. Nobody seems to want to clarify what happened — or give us solutions to not have these fires.” (NBC Bay Area)

Steph Walton, Candidate for Oakland City Council, District 1

“I agree with our Mayor and support the effort to hold Schnitzer Steel accountable. There should be no free rides for polluters in Oakland. I support a waterfront ballpark at Howard Terminal and the redevelopment of the Coliseum site to include meaningful affordable housing, retail, and public park space. The A’s play an important role in the culture of our city and should remain firmly rooted in Oakland.” (Steph for Oakland @StephDWalton)

Marcus Thompson III, The Athletic Bay Area Columnist

“What matters to me, an actual resident, is who is actually trying to end the pollution.”

“So much of this conversation rings like hollow posturing. And it’s because there is a lot of dancing around what the suit is all about — actual pollution and the regulators allowing it to happen.”

“The concern is not why the A’s are suing to end pollution. The real question is: Why hasn’t any other team or company or organization sued already? Why is a lawsuit even necessary for the government to do its job?”

“So, as a recap, the largest populations of Black people live in West Oakland and East Oakland — as compared to North Oakland, downtown or the Oakland Hills. The poorest people in Oakland, generationally, are in West Oakland and East Oakland. The sickest people with the shortest life expectancies are in West Oakland and East Oakland. And also, the greatest pollution is in West Oakland and East Oakland. These are all conclusions made by the county’s public health department’s own research.” (The Athletic)

Brian Beveridge, Co-Founder West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project

In reference to fluff – “This polyester fiber has been found blowing around in little tumbleweeds all through Jack London Square. First you have tiny fibers, that are probably covered in petroleum products, and now they’re in your sandwich which you are eating al fresco at Jack London Square.” (NBC Bay Area)

What People Are Saying

Petition Signers

Bonita Pouard

I’m signing because my Grandparents made Oakland their home over 70 years ago and I believe far too many companies have taken advantage of it…My grandma is 93 and still in their same home. I’m signing for her.

Matt Leonard

I live just a few blocks from Schnitzer Steel…. I don’t really care about baseball, but the A’s are proposing a once-in-a-lifetime change to clean up Howard Terminal, create jobs, secure community benefits, AND make meaningful steps on addressing the legacy of toxic pollution in West Oakland by holding Schnitzer Steel accountable.

Michael Schmitz

I am a long time Oakland resident…This needs to stop now.

Richard Edwards

Low income households need to be afforded the same respect each of us expect from the industries that we have as neighbors.

Sonya Beck

Clean air should not be a luxury but a simple human right.

Vincent Cooke

I had to evacuate work because of a Schnitzer Steel fire.

What People Are Saying


Evan Rambo (@BoKnows96)

Clean air and water should never be a “probably” or “maybe”. For too long these large companies have gotten away with polluting communities of color. Today the A’s take the necessary step towards fighting for these communities unequivocal rights!

Carmen (@carmendukes)

Bigger than baseball.

Rocco Miller (@roccomiller8)

For those of us living in the East Bay, more specifically Oakland: It would be real nice to get clean air and water. Amazing that such a significant change can be driven from a Sports franchise.

Dallas Braden (@DALLASBRADEN209)

For those who think the new Ballpark in Oakland is simply just about outing up a big new building… there’s more to it. A LOT more. With the community that has supported its team since 1968 in mind, the A’s are looking to breathe fresh new life into the neighborhood!

Bruce Reyes-Chow (@breyeschow)

Has any other professional sports franchise done something like this? Savvy and important move @Athletics!

Drew McGowan (@DrewMcGowan)

Please take the time to read and learn more about how the Athletics are working with and for Oakland for environmental justice. Please sign the petition to support their actions.

Carmichael Dave (@CarmichaelDave)

The fact that clearly the Mayor and the A’s are on the same side of this bodes well for the future. Just another notch towards a good working relationship, let’s see if council follows suit.

What People Are Saying

Media Outlets

Sports Illustrated

“Kaval said the lawsuit was not retribution for Schnitzer being one of four Port of Oakland affiliates to file suit against the A’s putting down roots in Howard Terminal. He said the suit has little to do with the building of the Howard Terminal site.”

San Francisco Chronicle

“Kaval said that environmental reviews are continuing and a draft report should be ready this year. The baseball team is negotiating a community benefits agreement with local residents. The City Council could potentially vote on the project next year, he said. If approved, the A’s hope to open for the 2023 season.”


 “Schnitzer Steel operates a massive scrapyard next to Howard Terminal that has had four fires in the past 11 years, with the most recent just last month. The fires have sent clouds of black smoke into the air over West Oakland. The team is now suing the California Department of Toxic Substance Control, which regulates the company, alleging they have failed to enforce environmental regulations.”

The Athletic

“So an already complicated situation continues to get more combative, as the A’s are now aggressively seeking environmental justice against one of the larger companies located at the Port of Oakland.”